• Fiberglass hull
    Fiberglass hull

    Pallet production technology of fiberglass identical to the technology of manufacturing hulls of boats and yachts. Durability is comparable to the composite metal strength.
  • Not freezes into ice
    Not freezes into ice

    Thanks elliptical shape of the body of the pontoon, the ice pushes it outward. Temperature mode of use: from +50 to -50 c. Celsius
  • Seaworthiness and unsinkableн
    Seaworthiness and unsinkable

    The pontoons are completely unsinkable when filling polystyrene and have the property of seaworthiness.
  • High load capacity
    High load capacity

    Despite its small size and relatively light weight, load capacity comparable to concrete pontoons analogues.
  • Filling elements pontoon housing
    Filling elements pontoon housing

    In the case of the pontoons are embedded elements (studs) to facilitate the frame and deck assembly process.

Valkon-Marine – plastic pontoons

Valkon-Marine is a company that was established to design and build mini submarines. During large-scale research the company’s specialists selected optimal materials and tried out the best technologies making it possible to manufacture longwearing, reliable and safe structures intended for a long time use in water. That is how the first fiberglass pontoons saw the light, currently these pontoons are the products that are second to none on the Russian market.

Unique properties and characteristics

Fiberglass pontoons have a number of properties that have no competitors and make them the best among similar structures:

  • Fiberglass pontoon systems do not get icebound due to a special shape of their hull and do not need to be demounted during ice drift and ice formation.
  • Water platform built on the Valkon-Marine pontoons is absolutely unsinkable (when the pontoon bodies are filled up with nonhygroscopic polyurethane foam).
  • Pontoons are resistant to external impacts including mechanical ones.
  • Pontoons have the best load carrying capacity (up to540 kg per 1 sq. m) taking into account their small weight and compact dimensions.
  • The price of «Valkon-Dock» pontoons is comparable to that of traditional plastic systems with equal or better operational characteristics.
  • Modular pontoon systems are characterized by a longer service life in extreme operating conditions – up to 15 years.

Application of Valkon-Dock pontoon systems

Owning to their excellent technical characteristics the Valkon-Dock pontoon systems are really universal and can be used practically anywhere where it is required to build some platform on water, in particular:
  • Construction of a waterside with necessary overall dimensions and configurations. A marina berth or a pier can be intended for docking any kind or quantity of small-size vessels.
  • Arrangement of a shore line and beaches, construction of piers for active recreation (including PWC lifts for personal watercrafts and other water equipment).
  • Construction of any structures on water: afloating house, a bath-house or a sauna, a floating summerhouse, a floating platform for coffee shop or restaurant, a floating stage.
  • Construction of artificial bays.
  • Construction of water farms: cage culture fishery, seaweed, shell-fish growing, etc.
  • Construction of self-propelled structures, barges, ferries, etc.
  • Construction of temporary or permanent pontoon bridges.
  • Erection of floating platforms for technological needs (ship repair, water intake arrangements, underwater laying of services lines, utilities, etc.)

Valkon-Marine company provides its clients a possibility to buy plastic pontoons of 7 modifications with various load carrying capacities and dimensions as well as to buy additional equipment to outfit piers and marina berths – bollards, staircases, service columns, anchors, chains and many other items.

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