Berth 8х2,0/2,2/2,4 м

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Mooring construction - a heterogeneous devices with a wide scope of use. Floating foundation of such structures is a certain amount of pontoons, made from fiberglass - lightweight but strong material with high load-carrying capacity.


Size: 8h2,0 / 2.2 / 2.4 m.
Pontoons: it can be used depending on the application:

"Calypso-3M" (4 pieces), "Calypso-2M" (2 pieces)
240 000/257 000/268 400 rubles.
Color - white / white beige / white and green, without filling polystyrene foam. Application: rest on the water, mooring boats and catamarans. Depth of the water mirror: 400-430 mm.
"Tristan 3M" (4 pieces), "Tristan-2M" (2 pieces)
272 000/295 000/306 400 rubles.
Colour - white, without filling in polystyrene. Application: mooring small boats, including boats and yachts. Depth of the water mirror: 630 mm.

Material frame and flooring: pine, Class AB with waterproof treatment.
Depth of the water mirror: 400-430 mm
Application: pier for mooring boats / catamaran platform for recreation and fishing.

  • pontoons can be painted in any color and filled with polystyrene foam to achieve absolute unsinkable platform;
  • wooden frame can be replaced with a metal;
  • flooring options execution (in addition to the pine): expanded metal, larch, decking,
  • galvanized connecting loop to connect several modules together, 4 pieces;
  • ring-nut (fastening anchor chains);
  • bollards shlya mooring boats;
  • fender / bumpers;
  • to exit from the shore to the platform setup is similar;
  • ladder into the water.
All accessories shown on the website in the relevant section.

Products width of 2.0 and 2.2 m can be shipped fully assembled.
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