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Package ready platforms: pontoons, frame, cover, all necessary fastening elements (optional), and detailed assembly instructions.


The total area of ​​the platform: 25.5 m2
Pontoons: it can be used depending on the application:

"Calypso-2M" (8 pieces) - 310 000 rubles. Color - white / white beige / white and green, without filling polystyrene foam. Application: rest on the water, mooring boats and catamarans. Depth of the water mirror: 400-430 mm.
"Tristan-2M" (8 pieces) - 350 000 rubles .. color - white, without filling in polystyrene. Application: rest on the water, mooring boats, installation of light structures (gazebos) on the water. Depth of the water mirror: 600-630 mm.

Material frame and flooring: pine, Class AB with waterproof treatment.
Depth of the water mirror: 400-430 mm
Application: mooring boats and catamarans, a platform for recreation and fishing.


pontoons can be painted in any color and filled with polystyrene foam to achieve absolute unsinkable platform;
wooden frame can be replaced with a metal;
flooring options execution (in addition to the pine): expanded metal, larch, decking,
galvanized connecting loop to connect several modules together, 2 pieces;
to exit from the shore to the platform setup is similar;
ring-nut (fastening anchor chains).
For the organization of mooring systems for boats and yachts used pontoons "Tristan 2M" and "Tristan 3M" (board height above the mirror water- 630 mm).
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