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Length - 3.00 m.
Width - 1.00 m.
Height - 0.42 m.
Depth floating structure above the water mirror - 0,37-0,40 m.
Maximum Capacity - up to 600 kg.
Load working - up to 270 kg (maximum load on the pontoon, in which he does not freezes into ice).
Net weight - 55 kg (when filling polystyrene foam - 58 kg).
Wall thickness - 5 mm.
The material - fiberglass.
Cladding - gelcoat.
Standard color - white, white-beige, white and green, in addition can be painted in any of the 720 colors.

Additional Information:

Not freezes due to the special shape of the ellipse.
There are two versions: with cable channels and without them (for the installation of a metal frame).
It has reinforcement ribs and embedded fasteners (M12 stud), which facilitate the installation of the frame.
Perhaps filling the pontoon hygroscopic polystyrene foam with closed cell structure in order to achieve the absolute flooding in the preparation of the holes in the hull.

Recommended use:

Platform for recreation and fishing, boat and catamaran station.

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