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Length – 8.00 m
Width – 1.20 m
Height – 0.97 m
Maximum load carrying capacity – up to 4227 kg
Operational load carrying capacity – up to 1662 kg (maximum load on the pontoon under which it does not get icebound).
Dead load – 355 kg
Wall thickness – 8 mm
Material – fiberglass
Coating – gel coat
Standard color – white, any of 720 colors available can be applied.
Optional: reinforcement of the keel with stainless steel (3 mm).

Cargo grades

Draft, cm Pontoon load carrying capacity, kg
15 0 (deadweight – 355)
20 225
25 519
30 875
35 1247
40 (operating) 1662*
45 2078
50 2480
55 2932
60 3354
65 3791
70 (maximum) 4227

*maximum load on the pontoon under which it does not get icebound.

Additional Information:

Does not get icebound due to its elliptical shape.
Absolutely unsinkable in case of a hole in the hull. Pontoons are filled up with polyurethane foam (this foam is nonhygroscopic and has a closed structure of cells).
Increased load carrying capacity.
With outer stiffening ribs, outer planning steps, inner stringers, keel and embedded fastening elements (pins M16 embedded into the pontoon structure) that make the frame installation process easier).
Controllability is provided by a special shape and keel.

Recommended use:

Houseboats, floating rest houses, floating bath houses, technological platforms, helicopter pads, platforms for heavy equipment, dredgers.

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