Pontoon Design and Mounting

Design, mounting, operation and maintenance of Valkon-Dock pontoon systems

Design and operating principle

The hull of a floating element (pontoon) consists of two parts made of fiberglass by way of cold forming and sputtering. The upper and lower parts of the hull are interconnected by a sealing elastoplastic compound. The hull is provided with embedded fastening elements – pins М10/М12/М16 made of stainless steel that are used to attach decking. Standard decking arrangement is a frame structure made of three layers of various solid wood (45×120 mm) that passed antiseptic treatment by vacuum method.

Steel zinc-coated hinges (axis Ф16) used to attach sections to each other are located at the face end of the decking. Locking element of a hinge is nut M16.

When a pontoon is used as the main mooring structure it is equipped with various type bollards depending on ships being moored.

All steel parts pass hot zinc-coating treatment, wood decking fasteners are passivated.

Nomenclature and overall dimensions of the Valkon-Dock floating elements::

Pontoon system grade Length, m Width, m Height, m
Tristan-3M 3.00 1.00 0.67
Tristan-2M 2.00 1.00 0.67
Sadko 1.46 0.86 0.28
Romeo 3.00 1.00 0.56
Odysseus-6M 6.00 1.20 0.97
Odysseus-8M 8.00 1.20 0.97
Odysseus-10M 10.00 1.20 0.97

Drawing of pontoon Tristan-3M

Drawing of pontoon Tristan-3M

Mounting of a pontoon system in standard complete set

Assembly sketch of a platform based on Valkon-Dock pontoons:

Assembly sketch of a platform

A pontoon system must be installed and mounted in its mounting position – decking upward (a more detailed mounting diagram is given sideways). Assembly operations may be performed on water or ashore. While mounting on water personnel must follow safety precautions and use safety life jackets.

Hinge connections must be made using bolt M16х140 with spring washer or self-locking nut (included in the delivery set) as hinge axial element.

A pontoon is mounted on-site using dead anchors and a chain with calibre 10 as minimum or Bruce or Danfort anchors. (Anchor chains are chosen by the traditional method).

While mounting a pontoon system personnel must connect single floating elements and attach the decking – where the wood frame structure is attached to standard fastening elements – embedded pins of single pontoons and then lay deck planks with attachment by wooden treenail or with the use of screws.

Prior to mounting the structure personnel should make sure that single elements are secured reliably.

In accordance with Electric installation code only qualified personnel must mount service columns and connect them to power supply systems.

During deck mounting it is prohibited to use grip wrenches with a number over two in order not to damage embedded parts where they are attached to the body of pontoon element.

Operation and maintenance:

  • Pontoons may be operated at an ambient temperature from −40 to +50 ºС.
  • No operation of pontoons is allowed without proper attachment of the decking frame structure.
  • The main type of pontoon maintenance is its regular cleaning, check of attachment and element connection.
  • Maintenance is performed with power and water supply disconnected.
  • Maintenance must be carried out at least once every 3 months.