About Valkon-Marine

First there was a submarine.

The history of Valkon-Marine company started off with an idea to design and make private small-size submarines.

One of the main project promoters is a person who has devoted his life to the sea, being a graduate of Admiral Makarov State Academy, a seaman and a yachtsman became interested in an unusual idea to make a single-man capsule for underwater diving, a mini-submarine. Right at this moment it was possible to get a team of like-minded people who studied the hull materials that would meet the conditions of long-time operation in water and the technologies making it possible to create necessary structures. This idea brought to life as a submarine prototype resembling a glossy black shark.


Along with that while studying the market of small-size vessels the founders of Valkon- Marine company found a vacant niche. In order to build convenient, reliable marina berths capable of withstanding winter, yacht and boat owners needed pontoons, that would as strong and load carrying as concrete and metal ones but at the same time light and inexpensive as plastic ones. Having promptly reacted to the market demands a decision was made to launch production of fiberglass pontoons. Having being experienced in designing the submarine its designers knew well what structural features an ideal pontoon would need. It must be longwearing, light and durable and must not be broken by ice. In order to solve these tasks, designers used the experience of coast dwellers and Fridtjof Nansen’s arctic expedition. Both the coast dwellers and the Nansen’s ships had a rounded, elliptical hull that would allow a ship to get onto the surface under the ice pressure. The latest computer-aided modeling methods allowed the company’s specialists to improve the time-proved structure and create a unique and patented shape of a pontoon.

The pilot production of fiberglass pontoons was launched in Pushkin in 2009.

From that moment Valkon-Marine company permanently masters up the technologies used to manufacture pontoons and reacting to the clients’ changing requests creates unique products. An elliptical shape referring to the sailing history, a fiberglass hull resembling underwater diving, dedicated employees united by a common idea, the best materials that were proved by time and nature realized themselves in a pontoon being the best in its class. It does not get icebound and is resistant to aggressive media, light, longwearing and looking nice aesthetically.

At present Valkon-Marine company is the only manufacturer of pontoons being second to none in terms of applied technologies in Russia. In our production process we use the matrix technology of fiberglass shaping with further gel coating.

Valkon-Marine also has highly qualified personnel including divers who are able to mount any structure on water within the shortest time. An original system of anchoring makes it possible to successfully avoid a spring ice drift – the most dangerous event to mooring structures. Pontoons are furnished with various kinds of decking and equipment that can be used for any purpose.

In 2012 in connection with renaming and rebranding of the Manufacturing enterprise Valkon-Marine – a new legal entity LLC Valkon-Marine was registered, the former manufacturing enterprise Valkon-Marine was registered as LLC Valkon.