Our Projects

Mooring construction

Self-installation. The construction is delivered with ready-made platforms of 10x2 m and 8х2 m, and two mooring fingers 4х1 m. The basis of the pontoon system is the buoyancy modules Tristan-3L and Tristan-2L (white top, bottom RAL 8024). Kazakhstan, Aktobe, August 2018 MORE

Mooring construction combined - includes pontoon platform 8.0 x 4.0 m on the basis of fiberglass floats "Tristan-3L" and platform 12.5x 2.6 m on Odyssey-6M. The color of the floats is white top, brown bottom. The peril fence is of the Cross type. LED lightening. Moscow region. July 2018 MORE

Water Recreation

Berthing structure 3,2 x 2,0 m on the basis of fiberglass floats "Tristan-3M". Fencing - wooden racks, handrails, vegetable rope. Decking - decking. Leningrad Region, Vsevolozhsky District. July 2018 MORE

Berthing structure 3, x 2.2 m on the basis of fiberglass floats Tristan-3L. Platform and delivery similarities. The customer in the assembled form for an independent installation. Vyborgsky District, July 2018 MORE

Mooring boom and fingers

Installation of the mooring booms with wooden decking on the existing customer's dock for mooring places. Leningrad region., Priozersk district, p. Art. Losevo, June 2015


Open the font and pools

Outdoor swimming pool based on Sadko pontoons for children's recreation camp on Lake .Ulovnoe, Priozersk District., Saint-Petersburg. 2016


Outdoor swimming pool with artificial bottom (internal dimensions 25h8 m) for the children's health camp. Leningrad region., Vyborg district, May 2015


Boat station

Supply of ready-made platforms (floats with fixed frame and flooring) for self-installation by the Customer on the water. The buoyancy modules used are Tristan-3M and Tristan-2M. Pavlodar, 2016 MORE

Supply pontoons under the self-assembly of the metal frame and the flooring of the project "Boat station." Moscow, Izmailovo Park of Culture and Recreation (Round Pond). The project was implemented LLC SC "Flagman Engineering" in the summer of 2016 MORE

Self-propelled construction

The order of buoyancy modules for the independent manufacture of the frame, flooring and the very design of the bath. The basis of the floating house is the buoyancy modules "Odyssey-6M". Togliatti, 2017 MORE

Building Customer plavdoma (houseboat) on the basis of the pontoons "Odysseus-10M." Republic of Udmurtia, Sarapul, winter 2014 summer 2015 g.-



Balcony Building on the water can be used for seasonal storage of snowmobiles, ATVs, water vehicles, etc.