Warranty and Aftersales Service


Warranty period for Valkon-Dock pontoons – 24 months from the moment of shipment.
Service life of pontoons provided that operating rules are observed – from 15 years, for Romeo pontoons – 7–10 years (depending on painting).

All Valkon-Dock pontoons are manufactured using high-strength material and meet international quality standards. Provided that all operating rules are well observed the pontoon systems you have purchased will serve for many years.

Warranty applies to all factory defects detected in pontoons and component parts and to the quality of assembly and mounting of ready made structures.

Warranty does not apply to wear or damage that occurred as a results of:

  • Absence of recommended product maintenance;
  • External mechanical or chemical damage (collision with a ship or any other obstacle, object drop, ice drift, fire, theft, act of vandalism, impacts of chemically active substances);
  • Careless operation (overloading, incorrect anchoring);
  • Natural wear, galling and ageing;
  • Natural disasters (except for winds of force up to 3 (the Beaufort wind force scale);
  • Self-directed change or removal of structural component, product repair.

The Manufacturer will not bear responsibility for damage to component parts or pontoons in the process of transportation and will not pay the cost of their storage and transportation, not compensate damage incurred due to downtime during repair works as well as any other indirect losses.

If factory defects are detected in products please call on the following number +7 (812) 648-21-33 or write to mail@valkon-marine.com or fill in the feedback form.

Service Maintenance

Manufacturing enterprise Valkon-Marine offers the following types of service maintenance:

  1. adjustment of pier and marina berth chains before winter season;
  2. correction of spring anchor displacement.

In order to find out more details or in case of required maintenance, replacement of separate component parts, technical or information support please call on the following number +7 (812) 648-21-33 or write to mail@valkon-marine.com or fill in the feedback form.